Greyhounds Unlimited
                               P.O. Box 703967
                            Dallas, TX  75370-3967

                                (Please Print)

ADOPTER'S NAME(S):___________________________________EMAIL:_____________________



HOME PHONE:_______________________________WORK PHONE:___________________________

Do you have other pets and how many?_____/_____Are they spayed/neutered?________

What type of pet and what are their personalities like:_________________________



Do you have an enclosed yard?_________ How large?_______________________________

Or will you require a dog that can eliminate on a leash?________________________

If you rent, do you have permission to keep a large dog in your residence?______

Name/address/phone # of veterinarian to whom you will go:_______________________


Do you have a preference as to male or female:______Color preference:___________

Are you willing to use a crate and/or muzzle to help acclimate your greyhound?__

Do you plan on keep your greyhound as an inside or outside pet?_________________

How long during the day will your greyhound be alone?___________________________

Where will your greyhound be kept during this time?_____________________________

Where will your greyhound sleep at night?_______________________________________

How many people live in your house or apartment?_______Give ages:_______________

Are there any special concerns you have about owning a greyhound?_______________



GREYHOUNDS UNLIMITED will do our best to match you with a dog meeting your 
specifications. Will you consider a substitute in any of the preferences if we
have difficulty in obtaining your first choice?_________________________________

GREYHOUNDS UNLIMITED makes no warrants or guarantees, except that we will try
our best to match you with the greyhound of your choice and if for any reason
the dog does not work out, or you cannot keep the dog any longer, you will
return it to Greyhounds Unlimited.


                 Greyhound Adopter's Care Responsibilities

Please Read Each Line and Initial.

I agree to keep my greyhound on heartworm preventative and vaccinated

I agree to keep an identification tag on my dog at all times and to notify
GREYHOUNDS UNLIMITED immediately if the dog ever becomes lost, stolen,
or dies.________

I agree to keep my greyhound exclusively as a pet and NOT for breeding, hunting,
racing, or research purposes.________

I understand that if for any reason I can no longer keep my greyhound, I will

I agree if there is ever proof of neglect or abuse, the greyhound will be
returned to GREYHOUNDS UNLIMITED. All fees and health records will be
forfeited to GREYHOUNDS UNLIMITED._______

By the signing of this application,  I agree to abide by all terms and
provisions listed herein. I understand this application will be incorporated
and made a part of the Greyhounds Unlimited Adoption Contract, which must be
executed by both Greyhounds Unlimited and prospective Adopter(s) in order to
effect a greyhound adoption.________

Greyhounds Unlimited reserves the right to reject any application for any
reason in its sole discretion.





GREYHOUNDS UNLIMITED will make every effort to find a greyhound with your
specifications in mind. If for any reason the dog does not work out, we
require that you return it to Greyhounds Unlimited so that we can begin
working on finding a more suitable home for the greyhound. If you return
the greyhound any time after the two-week trial period, your adoption fee
will not be refundable. It will then be considered a donation.