Brynn Adopted

2 years old · Female · Brindle · Not Cat Tolerant



Are you looking for a partner in crime? Brynn would be an excellent accomplice! She is definitely up for adventure! This girl rarely shys away, in fact, she is often the first one in the thick of action.

If your plans include the need for a lookout, Brynn is your girl. She is a bit of a watchdog - she will bark if she hears any strange noises such as new to her appliances kicking on, or the mysterious thunder from the sky. Your safety is her priority. She is also quick to run to the window to see what is happening in the yard, especially when her other cohorts are outside.

This little thief loves to play with all the toys in the house, especially if someone else is having a good time. She will steal their toy to make sure she is not missing out.

In the event of needing to make a quick getaway, you could always toss your goodies and Brynn would be happy to fetch them. She loves to play fetch, especially with tennis balls or her purple kong.

Perhaps your heist requires an extra set of hands- Brynn can help carry supplies for you. She is often found carrying her toy de jour around with her everywhere she goes.

All fun aside, Brynn is a wonderful pup coming into her own. She is fun, inquisitive, smart, and extremely playful.

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All in all Brynn is a great dog. She has this sweetness about her that is wrapped up in the playfulness of her energy. I imagine her to be a bit of a “Me and My Arrow” type. I get this feeling she is looking to be a sidekick, and go on lots of adventures with her human. She is not your typical grey, in that she does play fetch, does a bit of guard dogging, and her energy just doesn't stop. If you feel up for an adventure, stop by and meet Brynn, she will steal your heart.

Brynn Brynn

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48