Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
6701 W. Parker Rd
Plano, TX 75093
*** Saturday, October 20th ***
*** Noon to 3:00 PM ***

Registration is Now Open! Click here to register!
Admission to the event is $5 and a Meal ticket is $10 and optional.

Join us on our hashtag journey to Greyfest 2018! We are asking everyone to post pics of past Greyfest events and your favorite greyt love pics using #greyfest18 and tag @greyhounds_unlimited. During the event we will be posting pics live on Instagram and we encourage you to as well. more
Come join us and help us help the hounds by bidding on wonderful items in the SILENT AUCTION and winning big in the RAFFLES! You will also enjoy SHOPPING at GU’s store, a variety of handcrafted jewelry by Shannon O’Reilly, Camp Greyhound will have her beautiful handmade collars, and find handcrafted wood pieces by 45toCouch Custom Woodworks.

If you would like to help more contact Janis at to volunteer at the event. more
Dress your hounds up for our annual COSTUME CONTEST where the costume is up to you and your imagination!

If you choose you can add a meal for $10 which is catered by "The Hamburger Man" and includes a Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or Veggie burger with all the condiments, potato salad and baked beans. A soft drink or bottled water is also included.

... adopt more more
All our available hounds will be out! If you are looking to adopt and have sent us an application, Greyfest is a great place to meet the GU greyhounds who are looking for their forever homes and those who have found their forever homes. Stop by the Adoption Center and meet our available hounds and show them some love! If you are interested in adopting, then make sure you have filled out an adoption application on our website.

Help by becoming a foster home!

Toy Hoarding Greyhound
She is quite comfortable in her new foster home...
We also hear that she has a toy-hoarding problem...

We are still in dire need of foster homes for our incoming hounds. Foster homes are the bridge that leads to a forever home for our adoptable hounds, giving them a head start on getting accustomed to living in a home instead of a kennel, teaching them all the new and wonderful things they will encounter in a home that they may never have seen before.

If you are ready to give fostering a try, please send an email to One of our foster coordinators will contact you to talk about fostering and how you might be able to help, what your obstacles might be and how we might overcome them together. We all want this to be a successful experience for you and your new foster!

Remember Erin?

After one year she is still sitting in the kennel and looking for her forever home and family!


We need your help in two ways. Obviously the first is to become her forever home and family. The second is to assist us financially until she finds her forever home.

She is currently being boarded and as I am sure you are aware, this is not cheap. She also eats approximately 6 cans of canned food a day.

Approximately one year ago we took in a beautiful two-year old brindle girl named Erin. She is now three-years old and has been in GU's care and waiting for over a year for a very Special Home that will take care of her with her medical condition known as megaesophagus. She is petite with big brown eyes that can steal your heart. She is loving, outgoing, and loves her walks and playing with toys. She is active and playful.

To date she is still in the kennel ... She really deserves that place to call home and a family that can take care of her.

Erin has a condition called megaesophagus. In the past, such a diagnosis was usually a death sentence. Severe cases make it impossible for a dog to hold down food and water. A healthy esophagus is a muscular tube that pushes what is swallowed into the stomach. A megaesophagus is like a deflated balloon. It collects food and water until it can take no more, at which point the dog regurgitates all that she has just swallowed. The goal of food management with megaesophagus is to get food out of the esophagus and into the stomach as quickly as possible.

Because of Erin's condition, she needs to eat in an elevated position to increase the angle of her esophagus. She has a "Bailey Chair" that allows her to sit upright while eating. She knows the routine and eats her food enthusiastically in this manner. After she eats, her head must be held upright for about ten minutes to prevent vomiting. Erin is very cooperative throughout the entire procedure. Also, she should not have access to food outside of monitored feeding times.

If you would like to donate for her continued care, please make your donation here or go to

If you would like to consider adopting or fostering Erin, please contact or

As always, we thank you for your continued support.

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Memorial Page: Express yourself regarding the passing of a loved one, be it hound or human. These usually post within 7 days.
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Rainbow Bridge: You can list your animal companion accompanied by your name on the Rainbow Bridge page. This is of no cost to you but of course donations are always appreciated.
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Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program – Register Now and Help the Hounds
Tom Thumb will donate 1% of the purchase price of groceries when you use your Tom Thumb Rewards card. All you have to do is go to the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program, fill out the form using our Charity #2743, take it to the customer service counter at your store.

Current Greyhounds Available for Adoption

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Greyhounds Unlimited is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. Your support is always needed and greytly appreciated, especially by the hounds. Cash donations are always welcome, and 100% of all donations support the ongoing needs of the greyhounds in GU's care.

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