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Greyhounds Unlimited considers applicants mainly in Texas, within a large radius of the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Those outside this area will be referred to other greyhound adoption groups.

Please review GU's Adoption Guidelines, and if you are in agreement to comply, you can choose one of these two ways to fill out an application:

Note: All previous GU adopters need to complete a new application if you have not done so in the last six months.

  1. You can fill out an online application by clicking this link. This our preferred method and the fastest.
  2. You can print an application*, fill in the information, and either mail it to the P.O. Box or take it by one of GU's weekly meet and greet locations.

Adoption Requirements
All greyhounds adopted through THE GREYHOUND RESCUE SOCIETY OF TEXAS, INC. are spayed or neutered and have been given their annual set of shots. Each dog has been tested for heartworms and is currently on heartworm preventative. Your newly adopted greyhound will come with a Premier leash and collar (specially designed for the greyhounds), a GU identification tag and a greyhound muzzle. The adopter must agree to keep their greyhound free of parasites, properly vaccinated, on heartworm preventative and indoors. If your greyhound is to be mainly an outside dog, we recommend you choose another type of dog to adopt. They have little body fat causing them to become extremely cold in the winter and too hot in the summer - a good rule of thumb is if you are uncomfortable, they are too. Also because greyhounds are extremely social, they prefer to be inside with their owners. Being a sight hound, a greyhound must never be off his leash in an unenclosed area; for this reason it is much easier if you have an enclosed yard for his daily exercise and to relieve him/herself. However, with daily walks they also adjust very well into apartments/condominiums.

Due to increased medical and shelter/food costs for our hounds, it is necessary to increase Adoption Fees, which are subject to change without notice. Effective March 15, 2023 our adoption fees are as follow:

  • Greyhounds under the age of 8 is $550.00 + 45.38 (8.25% sales tax) = $595.38
  • Greyhounds which are 8 years and up, is $450.00 + 37.13 (8.25% sales tax) = $487.13.00.
  • Irish and Australian Greyhounds under the age of 8 is $750.00 + 61.88 (8.25% sales tax) = $811.88
  • Irish and Australian Greyhounds which are 8 and up, is $650.00 + 53.63 (8.25% sales tax) = $703.63
There is a two-week trial period in which you can return the greyhound and receive a 50% refund; however, after the two weeks your adoption fee will not be returned.

How to Obtain Your Greyhound
Serious consideration should be given to your decision to adopt a greyhound. Being a responsible greyhound owner requires a commitment on your part both financially and emotionally for many years to come. A greyhound wants to be part of your family, whether you are one, or many more.

Visiting one of the Meet & Greets as shown on our regular monthly schedule is the best way to see the greyhound spirit up close. Once you are convinced that this is the companion for you, you should do one of the following:

  • File an online application by clicking this link (this is our preferred method and the fastest)
  • Print and fill out an application*
  • Pick up an application at any Meet & Greet
  • Call 972-503-4739 and leave word, asking for an application
  • Email us at and ask us to send you an application

Once your application has been received, you will be contacted by a volunteer from THE GREYHOUND RESCUE SOCIETY OF TEXAS to discuss your application and answer any questions you might have. If your application is approved, arrangements will be made for you to see available greyhounds that are suited for your situation. The length of time between application approval and receiving your dog will depend on the availability of dogs matching your preferences, and the mode of delivery. Options will be discussed with you. We want you to get the dog best suited for your lifestyle and your wishes.

*To print the application, click on the link for the document. A new browser window will open with the document in it. Click the Print icon in your browser or select the Print option from the File menu. If the document does not print properly (lines break in the middle), decrease the font size in your browser window.





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