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Be an Angel 2016

The world in which we live is sometimes wrought with stress and pressure, but we find solace in returning home to our Greyhounds at the end of the day. The anxiety fades away as you stroke that silky fur and gaze into those soulful eyes. Your mind starts to relax and tension melts, as your Greyhound curls up next to you. Even their graceful image is a visual tonic. In times of uncertainty, we are fortunate to find comfort in our Greyhound companions.

For 25 years, Greyhounds Unlimited has worked hard to find loving adoptive homes for the many Greyhounds in their care. Let us celebrate this fabulous organization's anniversary with our generous support of the Angel Raffle.

This original painting titled "Respite" is 18" by 24" and is oil on stretched canvas, with gallery finished edges. It is being donated by artist, Denise Saleh.

The drawing will be held on January 21, 2017 at the Barnes & Noble Meet and Greet in Plano, TX. You do not have to be present to win.

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$25 for 25 Fundraising Drive

$25 for 25

In order for us to continue to carry out the vision of our founder, Hope Combest and the mission of Greyhounds Unlimited we are excited to launch the "$25 for 25" campaign to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

For 25 years Greyhounds Unlimited has been dedicated to finding caring and responsible homes for greyhounds from all situations including track racers who have retired (or in some cases, never began), sick, injured and abandoned. In the last 25 years over 3,200 greyhounds have come through our organization.

For as little as $25 you can show your support to continue to carry out our mission and have your name etched on the $25 for 25 Fundraising Drive wall.

Make your donation now or visit our Brick Wall to see our generous donors.

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program – Register Now and Help the Hounds

Tom Thumb will donate 1% of the purchase price of groceries when you use your Tom Thumb Rewards card. All you have to do is go to the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program, fill out the form using our Charity #2743, take it to the customer service counter at your store.

Kroger Community Rewards – Register Now and Help the Hounds

Kroger will donate a percentage of all purchases made when you use your Kroger Reward Card. A Digital Account is needed in order to participate in Kroger Community Rewards. Please go to Kroger Community Rewards.

Help Us Now, Make Your Donation Today

Greyhounds Unlimited is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. Your support is always needed and greytly appreciated, especially by the hounds. Cash donations are always welcome, and 100% of all donations support the ongoing needs of the greyhounds in GU's care.

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or mail your check to:
Greyhounds Unlimited
P.O. Box 703967
Dallas, TX 75370-3967

Recurring Donation


Current Greyhounds Available for Adoption

Angelica, Rio and Bolt Need Your Help

If you're like us, you can't wait for these irresistible greyhounds to be healthy again. But in order to make that happen we need your help! Please donate to assist GU to pay for expenses already incurred and those that will come.

Introducing Angelica!


Ready to take this Angel into your life? Angelica is a nine-month old puppy who has already gotten her Greyhound supermodel good looks. Typically happy, she loves running and playing, especially with cell phones, shoes and remotes!

Angelica is white with brindle patches and a pair of bottomless brown eyes, but all is not heavenly for this sweetie. When she plays for about ten minutes, she begins limping on her right rear leg. Worse, when her tail is lifted up, she screams. If you've never heard one of these beautiful animals scream in pain, it's heart-wrenching.


After three sets of X-rays showing no abnormalities, the vet believes the problem is in the spine. Only an MRI ($4,000) can show what's wrong so it can be addressed. Previously, GU Greyhounds medically requiring MRIs have gotten well and gone on to live happily in their forever homes. Our Greyhounds look to you to "just make it better, please." Please help us meet the expense of this important diagnostic test for Angelica; donate whatever you can.

Introducing Bolt!


If your name is Bolt, you'd better be fast!

I'm not even three months old, and my dream is to grow up to be the fastest greyhound in the world. But something happened on the way to running free, and now I've got this cast on my leg. I've already got running stripes (brown brindle), and my friends at GU tell me they can fix me up, but it will take time and money.

Can you help? Until just recently I was in an "external fixator" (don't ask me to spell that) and my splint will come off in two weeks. Please donate so they can keep working on me. I really want to run.

Susan tells me I was named after the fastest man in the world, but I can beat him, easy. Just wait till I get all four legs working!

Introducing Rio!


As long as we're talking about the Olympics, let me tell you about my buddy Rio. She got here a week before I did, and now as you can see, we have matching casts. Rio needs your help too.

Rio is a 5½ week-old girl, given to GU by her breeder because of a broken (r/l, f/r) leg. The large bone above the knee is fractured involving both the tibia and fibula bones. Fortunately, the leg did not have to be amputated. She was in a splint for a long time and her leg muscles aren't strong any more.

To get her muscle tone back, she will need therapy on the underwater treadmill at the Surgery Center, about three times a week at a cost of $72 per visit. (I'm so glad greyhound puppies don't know anything about money. That sounds like a lot.) She could need this for several months until she regains her strength. I'm roo-ing for her to get better.

— By M. Mathis

Update on Angelica:

September 17, 2016: If you're already dreaming about adopting Angelica, we want to let you know that she's still awaiting her MRI as we continue raising the $4,000 to pay for it. This is the only thing holding us back from getting her medical diagnosis and care. And then she can be prepared for her forever home – maybe yours!

Update on Major:


It is with sad news that Major passed away last night, August 25, 2016 and is now running free at the Rainbow Bridge. Major left his paw print on our hearts...his passing has been very difficult on his foster dad. We appreciate everyone's help and support. Thank you for being such a great family and friends to Major.

Major, a handsome two-year-old brindle, was a very sweet-natured boy who loved playing fetch, drinking out of the hose and splashing in the kiddie pool. Major would run sideways with his head tilted. He sometimes fell when being walked, or he fell into the person walking him. Inside his kennel, he paced in circles for hours on end.

An MRI ($4,000) was performed on Major and he was found to have an inoperable brain tumor. He was on medication to help reduce the size of the tumor and give him a little more time. The prognosis was not good – we were told a few months.

Can You be that Bridge to a New Home?

We are still in dire need of foster homes for our incoming hounds. Foster homes are the bridge that leads to a forever home for our adoptable hounds, giving them a head start on getting accustomed to living in a home instead of a kennel, teaching them all the new and wonderful things they will encounter in a home that they may never have seen before.

If you are ready to give fostering a try, please send an email to One of our foster coordinators will contact you to talk about fostering and how you might be able to help, what your obstacles might be and how we might overcome them together. We all want this to be a successful experience for you and your new foster!

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