Brinks Adopted

6 years old · Male · Red · Not Cat Tolerant



Brinks is a 7 year old male who has been fostered since December, 2017. He is a very happy, easy-going boy. He has great house manners; he does not get on furniture; he has not had an accident in the house. He loves meal time, treat time and running around the large back yard. Brinks gets along just fine in the house with one other male greyhound and a female saluki. Outside, Brinks sometimes forgets that the saluki is also a dog and chases her down; he needs to be in a home with other larger dogs, but no cats for him. Brinks is always crated if humans are not in the house and has no issues with being crated. Actually, he is quite fond of his crate and spends a large amount of time in it just dreaming away. For Brinks, the crate provides security. He does not like loud noises, thunder, gun shots, fireworks, vacuum cleaners and loud cars. He goes to his crate, calms down and exits when he decides it is safe again. In summary, he is a "very easy keeper." At meet & greets, Brinks is over-stimulated by all of the surrounding activity, thus a potential adopter does not really see how sweet and silly he actually is. Brinks' true personality would be better revealed with a visit to his foster home.

Brinks Brinks Brinks Brinks

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48